A java OpenGIS WMS server

"tout simplement"

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Lavaux Gilles


NEW version available: 0.712

(changes: added WMS 1.1.0 and 1.3.0, improve cache, quantize GIFs, more info publishec in capabilities, getFeatureInfo skeleton )

What is it?

- It produce geographical map images. It is (should be) compliant with the OpenGIS WMS specification 1.0.0/1.1.0/1.1.1/1.3.0.

- It is simple to configure, it use no database.
- Learn more with the online documentation

Note: if you are looking for a java map client, you can have a look at the SimpleMapClient project.
Note 2: if you want a faster map server, have a look at a friend project 'fastMapserver' here.

- Stable

- Can serve raster images or vector data.
- Support shapefile (limited).
- Native raster data projection is platte-carre. If not, the server can ONLY serve the data native projection.
- Supported re-projections: orthographic.
- Support as many layers as you like. A Layer may be composed from several tiles, it also can have level of details (LOD).
- Layer can be RGB or indexed color.
- Supported image format: JPEG, GIF, PNG.
- It is quite fast.
- Can be used in a web-server (servlet), or embedded in a java application.
- Supports superOverlays for Google Earth client.
- Supports "virtual" layers.
- No external dependencies, don't use any jar library except log4j.jar


- There are 3 packages, each one is a zip file:

1) the sources: you need ant do build it easily, see the readme.txt and install.txt files.
2) the buildt web application.
3) some example layers, note that these data are not very interesting, they have low resolution/precision. They are just here to allow you to test your server installation.

Follow this link to the DOWNLOAD page.


- See these files:
REAME.TXT: it describes the functionnalities of the server and how to configure it.
You can have a look at this layers test result page. It show the map images and corresponding URLs that I have used to test the functionnalities of the map server. It is quite old now...

Known problems:
- none that I know....
Major changes:

- 0.712:
1) WMS 1.3.0 and 1.1.0, improve cache, quantize GIFs, compress imaga data, more info in capabilities

- 0.707:
1) Change GoogleEarth module to support superOverlays.

- 0.704:
1) Add virtual layers capability.

- 0.645:
1) Added 'doc' folder in distribution.

- 0.644:
1) Improvement of GoogleEarth servlet: It is now able to restrict the returned area to the layer bounbary if this one is smaller. The image width and height are also adjusted to avoid sending oversampled data.

- 0.643:
1) Fix: orthographic projection was wrong with strange extends.
2) Added: GoogleEarth servlet.
3) Added: 'abstract' in layer.conf, is displayed in the capabilities.
4) Added: can add a layer logo/credit.

- 0.630
1) added 'CatalogueSingleDateIdxAddOn' catalogue plugin. Thanks to Antoine.C. Used to publish 'dated' maps.
2) in case or vector/shapefile data: if the data file is modified, it is automaticaly reloaded by the server. .

- 0.622
1) added support for shapefile! Basic, tell me if you have problems with it...
2) support data in any projection. In this case the server can only serve in the data native projection (can not reproject).

- 0.610
: first public release.



If you have any question or problem, fell free to drop me an email at this address (rebuild it): gilles <DOT> lavaux <AT> serco <DOT>com