Google Earth map servlets

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You can use 'proxy' like servlets in order to make your layers available to the Google Earth client.
Since the version 0.707, the server support the superOverlays, which is an very interresting feature of goodle earth.

There is at this time two types of Google Earth mapServlet:

1) the SimpleGoogleEarthServlet:
    This one is basic, it produce a .kml reply which correspond to the requested area, with an image URL pointing to a WMS mapserver.
    The mapserver can be ANY WMS mapserver.
    The image size will be fixed at 800*600 by default. This dimension can be changed in the servlet parameters.

This is an example with a vector layer, covering the entire world:

And with raster data, covering just Italy. Area and image size optimisation is used in this case, especialy when we look from 'far away':

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