SimpleMapServer GIS directory structure

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The map server can look for gis data inside a list of directories.
This list is configured in the mapServlet property file(named 'mapServer.props' by default) like this:
Note that the list separator is ';'

In the following example one of these folder is called 'gis'. It contains one sub-dir for each available layer.
In these sub-dir, if there is a 'layer.conf' file the server will try to parse it. If the parsing is ok, the layer is added in the server catalogue.

Example, the gis data folder is called 'gis':

In this 'gis' folder there are 5 layers, lets look at the URBEX one, it contains 8 levels of detail(lod).
The highest resolution data file are in the 'lod_0' folder, the succesive lods (lod_1, lod_2...) contain reduced data files.
Each lod as is own directory, the lod directory name has to be like 'lod_x'.
Each lod directory contains several tile data files(7 in this case: the .raws). The name of these files is defined in the layer.conf file.
A data file has to have the same name in every lod folder:

The corresponding URBEX .conf file is here