'External' map producer module.

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The source package contains a basic system which allows to use a third party source for producing the desired map image.

The principle is the following:
- the 'ExternalProducerMapServlet' is used, configured to use a specific java class.
- this specific java class handle the request and send back the image; this is done in the makeImage(ClientRequest request) method.

I have used it in the 'simpleMapServer.glisData.GlisExternalModule' to do a system call to an executable which make the map image.
This executable generates the image on his standard output; the module get the output, then the 'ExternalProducerMapServlet' the content back to the client.
This servlet has a property file which specify the full class name of the 'module', this file contains also parameters for this class.

Look at an example:
- a web.xml with the 'external' servlet.
- a property file for the external servlet which define which 'module' the 'ExternalProducerMapServlet' use, plus the settings.

It has to be noted that this part is independent from the java mapServer, it doesn't use the layers catalogue for example.

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